HACCP certified
SQF logo

These 2 certifications are some of the top certification in the food industry. We are proud to have both at Rochef Chocolatier and we continue to improve every day to give our customers the best product.

At Rochef Chocolatier we take seriously the food safety for many reasons. We have a full-time quality technician and our team is trained constantly over the year.

Gluten free
Real chocolate does not contain gluten, so why a gluten free logo?
Lower quality chocolates contain palm oil that require to add some flour to stabilize the final product. Not only our chocolate is gluten free but all our products, pretzels, ganaches and caramels.
MK Kosher certification
We are proudly certified Kosher with our friends at Montreal Kosher (MK). We want all community to be able to enjoy our products!
Peanut free
Even if we use nuts like; cashews, almonds, hazelnuts, sunflower seeds, and pecan we don’t have any peanuts in our facility. All the ingredients that enter our facility is verified and approved. We also make test in a 3rd party certified lab and in-house swab tests on products and equipment.  This way we can guaranty we are 100% peanut free.

Shelf life
All our product have a best before date. This ensure that you consumed our product in their best way. The dates are written years, month, day for example March 2nd 2022 will look like: 20220302.

Chocolate is good for many months since it is nearly all made from dry ingredients. Only the truffles are more delicate since they have cream, butter, real fruits etc.
For the allergens we have lab analyses and in house swab tests to make sure we don’t have undeclared allergens in our facility. Also all ingredients are verified every time they enter our facility to make sure we are 100% certain they don’t have other or new allergen. Our facility contain: tree nuts, milk and soy.

For any questions regarding our certifications or quality of our products please contact Julie our Quality technician at qualite@rochef.ca