Box of "Truffles and Pralines"
Quantity: 8 chocolates

$10.99 CAD
  • SKU:54-2

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Assorted flavors will be in your box and depending production you may get a few doubles flavors, all boxes include the flavor card.

1. Rochef Caramel Dark Chocolate

2. Rochef Caramel Milk Chocolate

3. Raspberry Ganache

4. Coffee Ganache

5. Butter Praliné

6. Maple Butter Dark Chocolate

7. Maple Butter Milk Chocolate

8. Pear and Caramel

9. 4 Spices Ganache

10. Fleur de sel and Caramel Ganache

11. Hazelnut cream Milk Chocolate

12. Caramelized Banana cream

13. Toffee Ganache

14. Raspberry


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